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Drying Hair with a Blower — Hair Stylists in Encinitas, CA
Sweetheart Package
Blow dries are so much better when someone else can do them for you. Let us make it even easier when you buy a Sweet heart Package, which gives you one FREE blow dry service when your purchase three! Save at least $38!
Shampoo and Conditioner — Shampoo in Encinitas, CA
We Overbought and you win!
We have an overstock of Thermafuse shampoo and conditioner and we need to make space! Get it while it lasts and save 25%!
Cutting the Hair of a Man — Stylists in Encinitas, CA
Model Your Hair
Save GIANT wads of cash when you model your hair for our assistants. Our in-house training program requires assistants to transfer their technical knowledge to real-world examples with live models. All services are needed. You’ll receive a great service performed by a trainee, and signed off by a senior trainer. Please call 760-634-1999 to add your name to the model list and follow Detour Salon Model Call on Facebook.
Click here to shop the darling of runway and fashion magazines around the world. Bumble and bumble premium hair care will provide you with styles all your own.