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Permanent Color for Your Striking Glow in San Diego, California

Beautiful. Natural. Possible.

Do you ever see someone who has incredible hair pass by? What makes their hair unique? Is it the style or cut? What about the color? Lustrous hues add depth, dimension, and movement to your hair no matter the style you want that day. For a truly versatile new look, permanent hair color is quick, easy and perfect for you.

Professional Process for Flawless Color

We use reenergizing chemicals to create an even color palate and instill your new shade with a uniform and organic appearance. Any pigment is available from edgy primary colors like blues and reds to hues that compliment your complexion and natural hair coloration. We also offer unicorn colors. No matter the look you desire, our professional process will add new flavor to your style for as long as possible.
Girl with Yellow Hair Color — Coloring in Encinitas, CA

Discovering the Perfect Tone

Sometimes you may love your natural color but want a slightly augmented tone or sheen. Hair gloss adds a luxurious polish that brings your hair color to life. Other times you may want to try a fresh new look, cover any gray hairs, lighten or darken your natural hue or just experiment for fun. No matter your mood, our highly trained stylists will take the time to get to know you and bring your vision to life.

Some Things to Remember

Always wait 24 to 48 hours before shampooing your hair after it has been colored. The less you shampoo your hair each week, the longer your color will last. Permanent hair color can damage your hair if done improperly, making it weaker and more susceptible to breakage.
Always trust the professional advice that you will receive from the friendly team at Detour Salon in San Diego and Encinitas. Visit our Hillcrest or Encinitas locations or call us to schedule your appointment.