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Illuminating Hair Highlights in San Diego, California


Adding Luminosity and Glow to Your Hair

Do you ever pass people on the street or in the mall whose hair looks almost alive, like a halo that shines and adds polish to their entire appearance? They likely have subtle, natural-looking hair highlights that complement their complexion. Highlights are an easy and effective way to amplify your organic beauty with class and elegance.

Your Choices Are Endless

One of the most exciting things about natural hair highlights is that the possibilities are truly limitless. From wide streaks and thin stripes to underside, overside or all-over application, you are in control of your appearance. Our highly experienced stylists will take the time to listen to you and create the perfect shine. We offer foils or balayage and only use the gentlest lighteners.
Black Hair Girl with Brown Highlights — Highlights in Encinitas, CA

Benefits to Keep in Mind

Professional Highlights Are Long-Lasting

Highlights will last different lengths of time depending on the rate of your hair growth (usually a half inch per month) and the color you select. Red wears faster, but most people find that they only need touch-ups every six to eight weeks as their hair grows.

Professional Highlights Always Look Good

With highlights, as well as all hair coloration, your roots will show in a few weeks as your hair grows at its natural pace. Many do-it-yourself solutions make your roots more noticeable, creating an unfinished impression. Professional styling avoids this pitfall. Our highlights are matched to your complexion and natural coloring to keep your hair shiny and luxurious no matter how longs it’s been since your last touchup.

The Professionals Avoid Common Mistakes

Does your hair look like tiger stripes? Do your highlights look fake and obvious? Does your head seem brassy, or is your hair breaking off? There are many common errors that can happen if you attempt to highlight your own hair at home, but our stylists will ensure that your visit to Detour Salon gets you the perfect, natural-looking hair that you want.