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Reparative Hair Treatment in San Diego, California

Flakiness? Breaking Ends? Stiff Follicles?

We’ve all read the internet articles that command us to rub everything on our heads from olive oil to butter to greasy avocados. Home remedies may work for some people, but they are messy and they don’t usually last.
Girl with Brown Hair — Cut in Encinitas, CA

Professional Treatment Goes to the Root

At Detour Salon in San Diego and Encinitas, our professional stylists get to the root of the issue. Whether you are experiencing dandruff, stiff and breaking follicles, oily hair, dry hair or straggly ends, we have the organic and effective treatments that restore health, flexibility and shine to your hair.
Our products, procedures, and reparative hair management techniques moisturize your hair. Treat yourself and your hair to the deep conditioning and personalized care you deserve.

Eliminating Your Frizz

Frizzy hair is a common problem for people with wavy or curly hair, which turns out to be most of us. Often, it results from hair dehydration, which is treatable with the right attention and service. That’s why we help you select styles that proactively tame the frizz, as well as the care and product application that gives you back control and ensures that your hair is looking and feeling its best every day.