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Semi-Permanent Hair Color in San Diego, California

Adding Spice and Style to Your Day

Do you want to try something new, but you’re not sure if the long-term commitment of permanent color is the right choice? Do you want to cover gray hairs but retain your natural color elsewhere? Do you want to try several different shades over a few weeks to get the right one?
Semi-permanent color will be perfect for you. This technique is ideal for trying highlights that blend naturally with your hair, experimenting or going big for a special occasion. No matter your goals, our professional stylists will help you browse your options and make a choice that complements your complexion while achieving the fresh new look you want.

Reasons to Trust Our Stylists

Girl in Side View with Hair Color and Highlights — Coloring in Encinitas, CA

Eliminate the Hassle

The process can be such a headache: the smells, the cost, the time and the bewildering product selection at the store. How can you be sure that you’ll end up with the right color? Trusting our highly experienced stylists saves you the hassle and regret of do-it-yourself methods and guarantees the perfect result.

Matching Color to Your Complexion

Every member of our staff was trained in New York to pair your natural coloration with complementing colors. We’ll amplify the features that make you beautiful. It may be tempting to see a picture on the box that you like, but that particular shade may not look natural. Our stylists will take your ideas and suggest similar hues that enhance your appearance.

Enjoy the Experience

At Detour Salon in San Diego and Encinitas, we pamper all of our guests and visitors. We want to get to know you and your hair, suggest options that perhaps you have never considered before and give you the full treatment that you will love.
From lathering, shampooing, conditioning, applying products, styling and blow drying, we work hard to tailor our services to you and help you take a load off after your long day. Call us today to schedule your visit. You deserve the best.