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Gorgeous Permanent Hair Straightening in San Diego, California

Girl with Long Straight Hair — Shampoo in Encinitas, CA

A Chic, Shiny and Clean Look for You

Do you ever watch a movie or television show and wonder how the stars get their hair to be so perfectly straight, soft and glistening? It is not because they iron their locks every day — they rely on professional straightening that uses a calming chemical agent. Your stylists at Detour Salon specialize in this method. You too can enjoy silky hair that glistens with energy and beauty no matter the weather.

A Safe and Proven Process for You

One of the best things about permanent hair straightening is that we use processes that have been extensively tested and are proven to be healthy for your hair — no breakage or hair loss. Our stylists use non-toxic hair relaxing agents to reform your natural hair structure, producing a smooth, beautifully frizz-free look that will turn eyes wherever you go.

No More Frizz — An Easier Hair Routine

Do you brush and iron your hair every morning and still have plenty of stray hairs at the end of your day? Permanent hair straightening will not only save you time and make your everyday life easier, but it will ensure your hair stays compact, glossy and sleek all day long. Results will last for a minimum of three months for hassle-free, beautifully straight hair.

Treatments Personalized to You

Different types of hair need different care and treatment options. Our New York-trained stylists will inspect your hair, listen to your past experiences and suggest the high-quality treatment that will keep your hair vigorous and looking its best. We pay attention to the small details so that you will walk out of our salon with hair in its best condition ever.

The Right Treatment for Anyone

Hair straightening is not just for one type of person. Whoever you are, whatever your perfect look is, we take pride in helping people like you achieve an appearance that gives them confidence every day. Call us anytime to schedule your visit. We can’t wait to meet you.