If you’ve always had naturally curly or wavy hair that has a tendency to get frizzy and is difficult to control, you may be wondering what you can or should do to style your hair. While a part of you may just want to give up on making your hair stylish and cut it all off, this may not be the best solution.

While there may not have been a lot of options for managing curly hair in the past, there are now many hair treatments and services that can help you to better deal with your naturally curly hair. Get to know a few of these options so that the next time you head to the salon as well as the beauty supply store, you will have a better idea of what to look for.

Reparative Hair Treatments to Reduce Frizz

Having naturally curly hair does not necessarily mean that your hair always has to be frizzy. In fact, curly hair can be smooth and frizz-free if you treat it in the right way. When you tie back curly hair, cut it a certain way, or even just go out on a particularly humid day without product in your hair, you can damage the hair and cause it to frizz.

Getting reparative treatments for your hair at a salon can help to combat those frizz issues and smooth out your hair as well as repair the damage done to it on an everyday basis. Reparative hair treatments are deep conditioning hair masques that are applied to a clean head of hair.

A hair masque can remain on the hair for a periods of time ranging from 15 minutes up to about 30 minutes or even an hour in some cases. The vitamins, essential oils, and other restorative hair masque ingredients will soak into your hair, repairing breaks in the hair strand and restoring moisture to smooth your curls and give your hair a healthy shine.

Japanese or Brazilian Straightening Treatments

Sometimes, you just want to avoid dealing with your curls and have straight hair instead. Hair straightening treatments are an option you may want to consider when you are tired of fighting your frizzy curls.

There are two different straightening options that have become particularly popular in recent years. Both of them are forms of chemical straightening meaning that they are designed to permanently straighten the hair until it grows out.

Japanese Straightening Treatments  Japanese hair straightening treatments are also commonly called thermal reconditioning hair treatments. These treatments utilize chemicals to break down the proteins in curly hair that give the hair its natural shape.

Because the proteins are broken down (and therefore gone), the hair becomes easier to straighten and flatten. The next step in a Japanese straightening treatment is to use a straightening iron that helps activate the chemicals in the initial treatment. Once this is done, the hair will remain straight until it grows and untreated hair emerges.

Brazilian Straightening Treatments  Brazilian straightening treatments, on the other hand, is what is known as a semi-permanent straightening option. It uses a preservative solution as well as keratin to help straighten the hair. Your stylist will apply the solution and keratin to your hair but not to your scalp.

Then, they will blow-dry your hair and use a flat iron to finish off the look. This will help to lock in the effects of the keratin treatment. Just be sure to work with a stylist that uses a preservative solution without formaldehyde as this can be dangerous to your health.

Whether you want to repair and restore your hair's natural curl or you would like to straighten your hair and try a new look, there are treatments that you can get at the salon to achieve your goals.