When the temperatures drop, you likely will change up your wardrobe for the cooler weather. Why not change your hair too? Get your winter hair on and try some of the season's high-fashion looks, from cuts and colors to straightening and styling.

Some of the hottest hair this fall and winter will include these looks.

Look Banging With Bangs

Coy bangs are stylish this winter, providing the face with a flattering, natural framing. Bardot bangs, which are longer and parted in the middle are also making a grand comeback. If you need a little length to pull this look off, consider investing in extensions.

Become a Redhead

Red is definitely in this season, and rich red hair color complements fairer, wintertime skin. Cherry red can be an exhilarating change for any brunette who is looking for something new for fall or winter. Blondes may want to take a pink approach with a dusty-rose color for the coming season.

Go With a Bob

A bob never seems to go out of style, though there are many different variations on this timeless, short do. For instance, a blunted bob is the perfect cut for cooler weather, providing just enough length to keep the nape of your neck warm.

Try a Low Pony

Bring down that messy, high pony from the beach this summer and change it to a sleek, low ponytail for winter. This is a very demure and sweet look that is versatile and low maintenance, which makes a bob perfect for any lifestyle or occasion.

Opt For Butterscotch

Butterscotch blonde is a very hip color right now, especially when it is highlighted with darker blonde and warm brown highlights. This is a very flattering and intriguing look on darker skin tones, and it is a great way to show off your end-of-summer tan.

Channel Your Inner Pixie

A pixie cut looks great with your turtlenecks, scarves and bulky sweaters during cold weather, and it is remarkably easy to maintain. This style flatters the face and brings attention to the eyes; consider highlighting your eyes with some liner and shadow. This hairstyle also makes full or round faces seem longer and slimmer.

Show Off Your Part

This season, it is cool to show off your hair's natural part. Part your hair in a low pony, or add some extensions and go for parted bangs. Make sure that your scalp looks its best this winter, when dry skin is most prevalent; use conditioning shampoo or moisturizer designed for your head and scalp.

Think White

Another new hair trend hitting the celebrity circuit is the color white, that is, coloring hair with white that results in an almost silver or gray hue. Actresses that are often seen blonde are taking it up a notch by lightening and brightening their hair to this very faint shade of gray. Baby boomers are letting their natural gray come in a little bit, bringing a bit of sparkle to their hair for winter months.

Healthy Hair Is Always In Style

Above all, see your stylist about ways to maintain and protect your hair during winter months. Healthy hair is timeless and never goes out of style; make sure your hair is in its best shape for the coming months, when dry air and cold weather can wreak havoc on your tresses. Pamper your hair with salon treatments that will give it luster, shine and what it needs to face the rigors of winter.

Ready to make a change for cooler weather? Visit the hair professionals at Detour Salon to find the cut, color, highlights and style that make you turn heads. Consider these options when consulting with your stylist for a look that is the perfect transition to fall and winter.