Whether you are noticing the first signs of aging on your face or you have been battling fine lines and wrinkles for years, you may not realize that looking younger can be as simple as changing your hairstyle. Few women know that there are specific haircuts and coloring techniques that can shave years off their appearances.

Read on to learn tips for shaving years off your appearance by simply changing your hair color or cut.

Make Subtle Changes to Your Hair Color

If you think that hair color can only help you look younger when it is used to cover up gray hairs, then think again. However, you don't have to make drastic hair color changes to look younger. Subtle changes to your hair color can help you appear younger include.
Warm It Up
Whether you are a blonde or brunette, cool hair color shades can be aging. Simply ask your hairstylist for a warmer hair color to help give your face the healthy glow it had when it was younger.
Lighten Up Dark Hair
Dark hair casts shadows on your face that can accentuate wrinkles and make them look even deeper. If you have black or dark brown hair, just lightening it up a shade or two can lead to your facial wrinkles looking less severe.
Avoid Too-Light Colors
Too-light hair colors can also be aging, especially if your hair color is close to your skin tone. If you love your light blonde hair, ask your stylist to darken it by a shade or two or add a few caramel-toned highlights.
Skip the Monotone Look
While monotone hair colors can always appear a bit wig-like, they are also aging. If your hair is all one color, ask your hairstylist to break your shade up by adding a few highlights, low-lights, or giving you a new ombre color.
Have Highlights Placed Strategically
Even a few highlights placed near your face can brighten your face to give it a more youthful glow and virtually lift your facial features.
Have your hair color service followed by a shine-restoring treatment, since shiny hair reflects light and appears much more youthful than dull, shine-less hair.

Choose a New Youthful Cut

Once you and your hairstylist choose a color that will help you appear younger, the next step is choosing an anti-aging hairstyle. While there is no one-size-fits-all anti-aging hairstyle, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when choosing a new cut and style that will shave years off your appearance.
Nix Your Super-Long Style
Long hair always draws the eye down, which can also drag your facial features down. A shorter cut can virtually lift your face to give it a more youthful appearance. If you love your long locks, add a few shorter layers around your face to help provide the lifted appearance that a shorter cut would.
Consider Adding Soft, Side-Swept Bangs
If you are looking to disguise wrinkles on your forehead, you have likely already considered adding bangs to your style. Realize that they also draw attention to your eyes, which can take attention away from fine lines and wrinkles elsewhere on your face.
In addition, soft, side-swept bangs draw the eye to your outer cheekbones, which can add visual fullness to your cheeks to give them a more youthful appearance.
Choose Layers to Combat Thinning Hair
Many women experience hair thinning as they age, and a variety of hair products help pump up the volume. However, the right cut can also help thinning hair appear thicker. A layered cut will help your hair appear thicker by removing weight from strategic sections of hair to help your entire head of hair appear fuller and bouncier.
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