You may think you've figured out the best care routine for your hair. After all, you've followed it for years, and your hair seems to be okay.

However, many people's hair care routines are based on habit rather than facts. The truth behind some common hair care questions may surprise you - and may even lead you to shake up your hair care routine.

1. How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Many people assume that they need to wash their hair every day when they're in the shower. The more often you wash your hair, the cleaner it will be - right?

Washing your hair too frequently can damage your hair. It removes the proteins and oils from your hair and causes your hair to dry out. Instead, experts recommend washing your hair every two or three days. Some people can even go an entire week without washing their hair.

Things can get tricky if you have especially oily hair or if you want to remove the sweat from your scalp after you exercise. On non-hair washing days, you could moisturize your oily hair by using dry shampoo or hair powder. Or you could simply rinse your hair without shampooing it.

2. How Often Should I Get My Hair Colored?

Some people have the misconception that they only need to color their hair once and it will last for months or years to come. However, coloring your hair requires quite regular upkeep. That's because your hair grows about a half inch each month. In four to six weeks, your original hair color will begin to show at the roots. You'll need to get your hair regularly colored to keep all the strands uniform.

Most people need to get their hair colored around every six weeks. You can go a little longer if your new hair color is close to your natural hair color.

3. How Often Should I Get My Hair Cut?

People's opinions about when to cut their hair vary widely. Some people get their hair cut every month, while others go a year or two between haircuts.

A general rule is that you should get your hair cut around every six to twelve weeks. Cutting your hair removes split ends when the ends of your hair strands become dry and damaged. It also ensures your hair style continues to look its best. If you want to maintain a short hair style, you may need to get your hair cut every month or so, depending on how quickly it grows.

The frequency of getting your hair cut depends on your type of hair. If your hair is fine, frayed, or damaged, you'll want to protect your hair by getting it cut at about every eight weeks. If your hair is healthy, you can wait three or four months before your next cut.

4. How Often Should I Get My Hair Professionally Straightened?

You might assume that a professional straightening job is, well, permanent. While professional straightening certainly lasts longer than straightening your hair with a flat iron, it still doesn't last forever. Hair grows and changes with time, and that straightening job will need an update.
If you want to keep your hair permanently straight, you'll need to see a stylist about every three months. 

Following the right hair care routine isn't just about keeping your hair looking great, although that's certainly important. Following the right hair care routine can keep your hair healthy rather than dry or oily. Pay attention to these facts and adjust your hair care schedule accordingly.

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