These days, the hottest trend in hair color is platinum, giving men and women alike a cool, icy look that melds just as well with winter weather as it does with summer days spent in the sun.

Unfortunately, lighteners are notoriously hard on the hair, stripping strands of pigment and leaving you with hair that can look limp and lifeless. However, by knowing the tricks of the trade, you can prevent damage and breathe new life into your 'do. Here are three tips for caring for platinum blonde hair.

1. Keep Purple Shampoo On Hand

If your hair is naturally dark, your stylist might need you to come in for several sessions to get your hair that perfect color of platinum. Unfortunately, even the most perfect color job might leave you with strands that look a little yellow or brassy, which is why purple shampoo is a must.

Designed to be used right after a hair coloring treatment or periodically to eliminate brassy undertones, purple shampoo is a vibrant violet color that eliminates yellow tones in hair. Because purple is opposite from yellow on the color wheel, using this pigmented shampoo can help you to make your hair look like it has a slightly cooler shade.

Although blondes are often tempted to use purple shampoo daily to restore brilliance and shine, experts only recommend using this special cleanser occasionally for best results. If you use purple shampoo daily, your strands can become permanently tinged purple, which may not be the look you are going for.

2. Consider a Deep Conditioning Treatment

When hair has been lightened as many shades as it takes to achieve a near-white appearance, the hair can become incredibly dry and brittle, which is why deep conditioning treatments are a must. Although you can purchase special hair masks to apply at home, professional salons offer restorative treatments designed specifically to restore strength, softness, and stability back to your hair.

During these treatments, special conditioners containing ingredients like hydrolyzed keratin and silk proteins are used to coat the hair. After the conditioners are applied, heat is used to give the chemicals the chance to penetrate the hair follicle and repair damage.

If you struggle with platinum blonde hair that feels dry and damaged, consider asking for a deep conditioning treatment every time you have your hair done. After your hair is lightened and washed, professionals can apply the conditioners to make your hair soft and silky from day one.

Deep conditioning treatments are effective for weeks or more, depending on how often you wash and dry your hair. These special conditioning sessions can also help to make your hair soft and shiny during dry winter weather or after vacations spent soaking in the sun.       

3. Use a Hairbrush With Flexible Bristles

If deep conditioning treatments aren't enough to ward off breakage and split ends, consider switching out your hairbrush. Instead of using a hard-bristled brush that might tug on tangled strands, opt for a version designed for wet hair that contains flexible bristles.

These popular hairbrushes are designed to give slightly when they encounter a tangle, gently bending instead of breaking off your hair. In addition to being much more comfortable to use, detangling brushes with flexible bristles can also help you to prevent permanent hair damage that could impact the way your new hair looks.

Don't let your gorgeous blonde locks lose their luster. If you have noticed hair that seems dry, brittle, or damaged, schedule an appointment with Detour Salon for a restorative hair treatment. Because of the wide variety of hair management techniques and treatments designed to restore your tresses at this salon, you will leave your appointment feeling like a new person.