Wearing Curly Hair Short?!!!

So this medium length, thick, curly haired girl was stuck in a major style rut. Since Christmas, I had slowly been having my styling goddess, Sonia, cut it shorter, but I was afraid to do the ultimate CHOP! Why? Because I didn’t think curly hair would look good short. Where would I have gotten such a ridiculous notion from I really don’t know. Curly haired ladies all you need to have a short ‘do that looks great are some awesome styling products, a blow dryer, and a brush. Do you think you can handle that? Of course you can! This blogger hadn’t picked up a blow dryer in so long she wasn’t sure she even owned one! Turns out the one she does own is one of those teeny tiny little fold up travel ones. Works like a charm. But let’s back up and see what Sonia, the styling goddess had to say about curly hair.

In the interest of full disclosure, Sonia has done my hair for two years and has done an amazing job. When I asked her what her philosophy behind styling hair was she said “Own what you have”. She went on to elaborate that fighting your hair type isn’t going to make you happy, work with what you’ve got. So with that, we discussed curly haired girls and cool short ‘dos. There are fundamentals you must follow with short ‘dos or they aren’t going to look good. Follow the fundamentals, and you will be rockin’ it, I promise you.

It is right now in this post that I have to make a confession. I don’t wash my hair everyday. I don’t even wash it every OTHER day. It gets washed twice a week. Are you still reading? Did you recover from your dead faint? Don’t be horrified. I have done this on Sonia’s advice and it has made all the difference in the way my hair looks and feels. The best product for your hair your body makes. If you wash your hair everyday all you are doing is drying it out. Once you stop washing your hair everyday it looks and feels so much healthier.

Now, how did I go from the ultimate wash and wear curly haired long haired girl to a full-fledged, multi-product owning, blow dryer using, short haired do rockin’, curly haired girl? It was so simple! With Sonia’s help and a little practice I’ve got this down. Let me share it with you. If I want to wear it straight, all I do is this:

After washing my hair, I apply a dime size amount of Argan oil, which helps reduce frizz and protects your hair from bad elements in the environment.

Then I work in a little bigger than a dime (remember I have a lot of hair) Bb. Straight blow dry, which like the name says helps to straighten your hair when you blow dry it. It also acts as a heat protectant so you don’t get frizz.

Now you blow dry your hair with a paddle brush. Just take sections of hair and pull them out with the brush and dry them. It’s so easy you won’t believe it!

When you are done blow drying, apply a little bit of Bumble + bumble’s semisumo. A little goes a long way, Trust me. This is a pomade that will give your hair great shine and some hold.

Start to finish this will take you a maximum of 15 minutes!

If I want it curly this is what Sonia instructed me to do. The key to not getting frizz is to leave your hair a little bit damp. The moisture will fight the off the frizz.

Just like when I wear it straight, after washing it I apply Argan oil.

Then I mist my whole head with the best hair product I believe that has ever been made-Bumble + bumble’s Surf Spray!

While it’s still wet I apply I little bit of semisumo for hold.

Then I blow dry my bangs, but I only use my fingers not a brush. I’ve found using a brush brings the dreaded frizz. I also just blow dry from the mid-shaft down. Sonia told me that I’m “pulling out the curl”. Basically I’m just calming it down a little. I then give a little cursory dry to the other side and the back, but I leave it fairly damp. If I’m going to wear it curly I usually wash it at night so it can dry overnight.

Yes, those are pictures of me! With this short 'do wearing it curly obviously. I told you I had a lot of hair :)




So, you are thinking this is a lot of time and a lot of products to buy just for a haircut. If you think about it, it’s not. Since you are only washing your hair twice a week the products last you a long time and with short hair they also last you longer. As for time, yes, you do have to invest more time in a short cut. But the rewards on your investment are wonderful. So ask me, do I miss my long tresses? No! Not one bit. I took Sonia’s advice and I “owned what I have”. Now you go out and own what you have, too!


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