The Specialist

The little tease of summer we got this past week made this blogger long to be a blonde. Not a blonde like Jennifer Aniston or Taylor Swift. There is no boring blonde like those two for this blogger. I would go screaming platinum blonde like my ultimate girl crush, my epitome of cool, the goddess whose temple I worship at, yes, Gwen Stefani. I would have my hair that white platinum blonde just like her.

After being transformed into Gwen, I would then need the most awesome of precision cut to go along with my screaming platinum tresses. Would I go for the severe bob like Posh Spice? Or would it be the pixie like Michelle Williams or the ever so beautiful Halle Berry? I set off once again to Detour Hillcrest to see if they had a stylist who could transform hair into beautiful shades of blonde and create razor sharp precision cuts.

Amanda glided through the door of Detour Hillcrest wearing a long dark skirt, with a long sweater, and a hat perched on the back of her dark tresses. She sat down gracefully across from me and we began talking. I asked Amanda if she had always known she’d wanted to do hair and she answered me with a resounding yes! Ever since the 5th grade, when she had come across a book on hairstyles she knew that being a hair stylist was her calling in life.

Yet knowing what you want to do so young in life poses its own set of challenges. Amanda knew that she wouldn’t be going to college, but she had to finish high school. Instead of waiting to graduate from high school to enter beauty school, she took the initiative and as a senior in high school went through the ROP program to become a hair stylist. After high school, she became an assistant in a high end salon in Valencia, CA that catered to celebrities. It was there that she mastered the art of precision cuts and coloring hair into the perfect shade of blonde.

When I asked her what was the most difficult thing to do in hair styling, she told me it was coloring, specifically dyeing hair blonde. She explained that it is very difficult to make blondes look natural, but keep the color looking bright. You also don’t want to see lines in the hair, and definitely no dark roots! I told her that if I went blonde, I wanted it Gwen Stefani, platinum blonde. She laughed pretty hard about that, because my hair is very dark. She told me that it would be possible to get my hair blonde, but not today. She went on to say that she has to tell her clients that sometimes. That they can start something today, the beginning of a color process but it isn’t going to happen all in one appointment. Amanda told me her client’s respect her for her honesty. She went on to say there have been occasions when she has told a client no, that color would not work on them and they went ahead and picked another that did.

In addition to being a blonde color specialist, she is also excels at precision cuts. From a severe slanted bob like Victoria Beckham, to a super short pixie like Ginnifer Goodwin and Morena Baccarin Amanda loves creating these complicated, nuanced hairstyles. From the client these styles require the requisite time commitment for the upkeep and an excellent stylist to do the maintenance. With Amanda, you have a highly trained stylist to both create and maintain whatever precision cut you desire.

If you are looking for an outstanding specialist in coloring and precision cuts then look no further for Amanda is the stylist for you. To make an appointment with Amanda at Detour Hillcrest please call 619-297-9000.


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