A little taste of Detour Hillcrest...

Welcome to Detour Salon’s brand new blog, written by Beebe the Blogger! This will be a weekly feature on our website, profiling our stylists, hair product lines, and our stylish boutique items that we feature at both of our locations. Wait! You didn’t know Detour Salon had expanded? Yes! There is now a second Detour located in Hillcrest located at 142 University between 1st and third Avenues.

Beebe the Blogger decided to take a trip deep into the heart of beautiful Hillcrest to meet and have a chat with one of the super stylists at Detour Hillcrest, Jason. As I walked into the salon, I was greeted by the fantastic coordinator of the salon, Vanity. I took a seat, and immediately became mesmerized by Jason’s work on his client. The young woman he was styling was attending a large wedding that evening and had requested a 1940s “Veronica Lake” type hair do. Now this not an easy style to do. I watched Jason roll her hair into curls with ease. He would then let them set, release them, and then weigh them down with clips so to keep the wave. As Jason worked effortlessly, I chatted with the client. She told me that Jason was the only stylist she had ever been to who could do intricate up-do styles with it not making it look like she was going to the prom. As for the style he was currently doing, in the end, the client left looking literally like a 1940s pin up girl, just the style she was looking for.

Initially Jason did not start out doing hair, although he was always drawn to both hair styling and makeup. He grew up in Waterbury, CT and spent two years at the University of Connecticut. At 22, he felt something was missing in his life. Somewhat adrift, but still truly drawn to both hair and makeup a friend suggested that he apply at a local department store makeup counter. He was hired on the spot. In a year, he went from artist to counter manager for Lancôme. When Chanel came calling and an opportunity to work in New York City for them, he jumped at the chance.

While in New York City, he had the opportunity to work innumerable modeling shows, doing both hair and makeup on the models. He also did hair and makeup in the theaters. After the Big Apple, he headed south and spent six years in Florida. Then it was out west to Los Angeles, and now to beautiful, sunny San Diego.

Jason does it all hair wise. I was curious as to why he left the glamour of the runway shows behind. He told me that in his heart he loves to teach. He wanted to get behind the chair and teach clients about their hair and how to keep it looking fantastic. He has now built up an incredibly impressive client base. His passion though, is ethnic hair. This piqued my curiosity. He told me that he loved the feeling of accomplishment he got from the process. He believes 100% in natural hair for his ethnic clients. He told me he tells his clients to “take what they have and make it as healthy as they can”.

This blogger recommends giving Detour Hillcrest a call right away at 619-297-9000 and booking an appointment with Jason. Once you get in his chair, he flashes you that beautiful smile, he will have you 100% at ease. When he’s done styling your locks, you will literally sashay out the door, oozing glamour just like one of the runaway models he worked on in New York City.


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